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adidas Samoa Shoe - Womens Ftwr White/Ftwr White/Ftwr White, 8.5

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Manufacturer adidas
Brand adidas
Color White
Model s84547
UPC 888596251132
Community News / News that matter to us
28 Apr 2017

Ping Pong Rackets

Playing ping pong is one of the favorite pastimes of children and adults around the world, and few sports can be as fun or competitive as a good game.

4 Apr 2017

Tennis Psychology (Part 1)

Tennis psychology is only understanding the workings of your opponent's mind, and assessing the effect of your own game on his/her head and also understanding the psychological effects resulting from the different external causes on your own mind.

13 Apr 2017

The French Open

It is highly unlikely that people will not have heard of the French Open tennis championship, because it is a competition which is an annual topic of conversation.

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    26 Mar 2017 Posted By Stan K.

    Ping Pong: The Top Ten Mistakes That Beginners Make

    Starting ping pong or table tennis-depending on your level of play-is like beginning anything new: it takes time, mistakes, and a whole lot of practice. There are; however, a number of common mistakes that first time ping pong players typically make, and here is how to best avoid them.


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    5 Apr 2017 Posted By Rebekah E.

    Some Of The Basics You Should Know To Coach Tennis

    Tennis is a very unique game and has its own personality. It is certainly a more individualized sport and one that requires great strength, durability, and grace all combined into one.

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